Russell Adrian King


A career health service manager and teacher approaching 40 years experience, Russell has had considerable operational experience in maintaining service continuity and responding to major incidents and a very wide range of crisis management situations, often involving complex public confidence issues and with considerable legal implications.

A consultant since 2013 and managing director since 2017, Russell is the co-author of It Could Happen Tomorrow ISBN 978-1-326-45550-7 on contingency exercising for health services and businesses, and has many links across the worlds of public service, military and general management. Russell is qualified in law, has an MBA, and his first degree is in modern languages - French and Spanish. Russell is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Russell's key areas of expertise have been defined by his colleagues as:

  • change management
  • media relations
  • situational analysis for decision making
  • planning and exercising for disasters and continuity
  • metrics for managing effective change.

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