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call for contributions

  • Do you have the tools and know-how to save lives, property and the environment?
  • Is your solution at an advanced stage of development (TRL 6 - TRL 9), already tested or even used in practice?
  • Is your company registered in a state of the European Union or in an associated country?

Take part in the competition "Top 3 Innovative Solutions in Crisis Management 2020"!

The Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE) and the DRIVER+ project organise a competition for crisis management solutions with high innovation potential. The competition is intended to promote the acceptance of innovative solutions, encourage synergies and cooperation between different projects and reduce fragmentation in the field of crisis management.

CM trial

We invite all interested solution providers to register for the competition by uploading the solution description with supporting evidence at the Portfolio of Solutions website, and allowing the publication of the information on the CMINE platform

We invite all interested solution providers to register for the competition by uploading the solution description with supporting evidence on the "Portfolio of Solutions" website and agreeing to publish the information on the CMINE platform.


What are the advantages for solution providers?

  1. The information from all contributions will be available to hundreds of professionals across Europe and will be widely disseminated within the crisis management industry.
  2. The three winners will be provided with an exhibition stand at the DRIVER+ final conference from 19 to 20 February, which will bring 300 crisis management experts to Brussels and have 10 minutes to present each solution on the first day of the conference.
  3. The travel costs of two people per solution will be reimbursed by the DRIVER+ project.

How the contributions are evaluated

All entries will be judged by a jury consisting of practitioners, solution providers, researchers and standardisation and innovation experts. In the composition of the jury, care is taken to avoid possible conflicts of interest. In addition, all members of CMINE can cast one vote.

We will use three evaluation criteria:

  1. Proven/potential contribution to crisis management and disaster preparedness
  2. Affordability
  3. Contribution to innovation in crisis management

The final decision is made by averaging the results of the "referendum" on CMINE and the jury's assessment.

Time frame

  • Deadline for submissions: 13 January 2020
  • Evaluation and decisions: 29 January
  • Invitation to the winners for presentation at the DRIVER+ final conference: 30 January
  • Presentation of the winning solutions at the final conference: 19 February 2020

Add your solution and enter the competition today!

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