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The TGM evaluation phase is dedicated to help you finding the results you were looking for. Did the overall performance of the operation change after introducing the new solution? What does the change mean for your organization? What could be the reasons to the impact you observed? How could you use the results to support and improve your management organizations?The main objective is to analyze all the data and observations you have gathered during the . In order to do so, you first check and clean up what you have received. The next step is dedicated to process the results so that you identify the occurred change due to the introduction of the solution(s). The sense making takes place during synthesizing the results of the Trial, CM and solution dimensions.

Trial Guidance (TGT) supports the users in this phase by helping the users to:

  1. Keep track of all relevant things in each of the steps by providing a checklist.
  2. Document and disseminate results by providing a link to Lessons Learned Library.
  3. Contextual help for all steps.

For more information, please consult the Trial Guidance Methodology  and the TGT tutorials.


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