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Need of certification of evaluators (INEGMA-E²)

  • Evaluators have different background, expertise - does an holistic certification make sense? Distinguish between different types of exercises and parts of exercises - minimum basic requirements
  • Guarantees certain level of of evaluators
  • Set-up some kind of basic information that evaluators should get at the beginning of any exercise
  • All evaluators should have some common knowledge on cross-cutting topics e.g. communication
  • Standardises level of evaluators in certified issue i.e. knowledge, skill
  • Documentation that will support training and certification of evaluators is supposed to assist both evaluators and exercise managers that will have the same expectations and preparations for an exercise

Framework information - "framing the exercise" (INEGMA-E²)

  • very useful information - adds on value, pillar for exercise success
  • framework information to understand certain actions - to reach certain goals!
  • misconceptions of certain actions without knowing the general goals
  • without framework information, uncertainty rises and degrades the quality of evaluation
  • group dynamics and leadership processes, framework information helps to define this structures
  • social interactions have to be addressed (communication, etc.)
  • to know competent people during (organizational social structure of all involved people has to be focused on to better understand certain processes)
  • for "context" - available information for decision making (real vs exercise) and motivation/understanding amongst the audience

Evaluation of Patient Decontamination in CBRN Events (INEGMA-E²)

When CBRN-events are simulated and casualties need to be decontaminated, the sucess of the decontamination has to be validated. Due to invisible substances (e.g. gases) and their high hazard potential, it poses a challenge to evaluators in exercises.

Procedures that participants follow (INEGMA-E²)

An evaluator needs to know why participants do certain things and whether they follow their own procedures, which are different from those of the evaluator's country, or whether they have no procedures but improvise.

Overcoming language barriers in exercise evaluation (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH.)

Communication is a relevant factor in collaboration when carrying an exercise into execution. In order to provide a basis for a communication, that makes the integration of all participants possible, language barriers have to be taken into consideration.


Creëer bruikbare inlichtingenop basis van informatie uit verschillende bronnen (IFAFRI)

De om bruikbare inlichtingen te creëren op basis van data en informatie uit verschillende bronnen

Back tracing of contact stations of infected persons (Johanniter Austria)

Within the patient and emergency transport we need to minimize the spread of diseases as best as possible to reduce the risk of our patients and staff. A complete disinfection of the ambulance cars after each transport is not possible, therfore we have to be aware of the risk of contamination.


Realtime detectie, bewaking en analyse van dreigingen en gevaren (IFAFRI)

De mogelijkheid om passieve en actieve dreigingen en gevaren op locaties in realtime te detecteren, bewaken en analyseren


Adequate technology for communication with the public (STAMINA)

Recent COVID-19 has demonstrated that EU states have so far failed to endorse a solid pandemics/epidemics communication methodology, develop clear guidelines and enforce use of these guidelines in crisis situations. In addition, the communication with the public was also inadequate - on the one hand impeding the use of information provided by the public in crisis manageent and on the other hand causing confusion and even panic among the population at first and leading to erosion of trust in authorities, thus facilitating the rise of rumours, conspiracy theories, civil unrests and even riots. 


Het opnemen van informatie uit meerdere en niet-traditionele bronnen (DRIVER+)

Onvoldoende om gevaarlijke gebieden en een situatieoverzicht te rapporteren uit meerdere en niet-traditionele bronnen (bijv. crowdsourcing en sociale media) in responsoperaties.


Modellering en visualisatie van de dynamiek van chemische en radiologische bedreigingen (DRIVER+)

Beperkingen in het vermogen om de dynamiek van de chemische en radiologische dreiging in realtime (responsfase) of vóór het voorval (voorbereidingsfase) te modelleren en de verkregen resultaten te visualiseren in een vorm die direct door de incidentcommandant kan worden gebruikt .


Training and assessing the level of preparedness (STAMINA)

the individuals and organisations and testing their preparedness level increases the resilience and exposes the shortcomings that need to be handled.



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