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EZPack Water Ltd.


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EZPack Water Ltd. is a private Israel company that manufactures and markets 3 line of products:


  1. Proprietary-innovative self-powered hybrid-green-energy water heating and cooling systems.
  2. Water storage, transportation and distribution systems based on proprietary 2-layers bladders.
  3. Pre-paid blockchain water billing systems.

 EZPack® products are based on the concept of double liner bladder that was developed in response to the requirements of the Israel Water Authority to provide a complete solution for water storage and transportation in crisis situations. Over time EZPack® product line was expanded, and it is now including a large variety of models and accessories.

EZPack® hybrid-green-energy systems introduce new innovative concept of using water to store energy. Using this concept, EZPack® has developed new-cost-effective line for green-energy water heating and cooling systems. 


EZPack® pre-paid blockchain water billing system includes the following elements: Cell-phone app for ordering and paying for water; Payment and control system based on Blockchain; Smart meters at the customer location. Using blockchain technology the system is secured and almost impossible to hack; No fake transactions can be generated; No single-center point that controls the system; All information is transparent to all blocks.

EZPack® is part of the Israel Water Industry, that in the last decade, has totally changed the national water availability of Israel, and transformed Israel from a country with constant water shortage to a country where the water supply meets requirements. This transformation was carried out through significant government and private sector investments in sea water desalination and other projects. Israel today is leading the world water market, with innovative products and solutions all over the spectrum.

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