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Facilitare l’abbinamento di soluzioni CDM (Crisis and Disaster Management, Gestione dei Disastri e delle Crisi) alle esigenze di capacità (DRIVER+)

  1. Facilitare l’espressione delle esigenze e dei di dei professionisti.
  2. Facilitare la comprensione di tali esigenze da parte delle aziende proprietarie delle soluzioni, in modo da poter sviluppare e pubblicizzare le soluzioni innovative che possano risolverle.
  3. Facilitare la scoperta di soluzioni innovative che affrontino le esigenze e i gap .

Adeguare l’ambiente COP (Common Operational Picture, Quadro operativo comune) (DRIVER+)

La mancanza di un ambiente “Quadro operativo comune” per integrare le fonti di dati e i risultati dei calcoli da diversi modelli che sono fondamentali per  il processo decisionale dalla prospettiva del responsabile delle operazioni d’ .


Inclusione di informazioni da fonti multiple nelle operazioni di comando d’emergenza (IFAFRI)

La di includere informazioni da fonti multiple e non convenzionali nelle operazioni di comando d’


Secure cross-agency documentation, sharing and tracking (STAMINA)

Efficient and secure sharing of the data necessary for decision making has proven to be challenging in the recent COVID-19 crisis.


Adequate collaboration and communication guidelines and methodology (STAMINA)

Crisis management is a collective effort encompassing various organisations that need to work seamlessly together across domain and administrative borders.


Monitor and counter mis- and disinformation (STAMINA)

Mis- and disinformation can have adverse effects on crisis management and even cause cascading crisis (e.g. civil disobedience and even insurrections)


Adequate Crisis Management legislation (STAMINA)

Provide a sound legal basis for various aspects of Crisis Management in all parts of the CM cycle.


Utilizzo della realtà virtuale per ottimizzare la preparazione per evacuazioni su larga scala (DRIVER+)

Limiti nell’utilizzo della realtà virtuale per ottimizzare la del personale di primo soccorso in caso di evacuazioni su larga scala, come supporto per addestramento ed esercitazioni.


Backtracking of potentially infected persons (Johanniter Austria)

If a patient is identified as infectious after he/she was transported by the ambulance, we have to backtrace all contact persons of the ambulance car team and test them, as the car is not disinfected after each transport.


In order to have a complete understanding of the way that the exercise manages to create an environment in which the participants reach their training objectives, it is necessary to gather their feedback.

Data management: Data collection, data analysis and reporting (INEGMA-E²)

Data managment runs almost throughout the whole exercise cycle, from preparation, to conduct, analysis and reporting, even if evaluators are not heavily involved during the planning phase. It is useful to provide some guidance to evaluators for the content of data collection, usually this is developed in two pillars: evaluation of players performance and exercise conduct. There are different methods for data collection: through evaluators input, feedback from participants, recording, possibly input from observers, interviews, debriefs. To decide if and how to use observers for data collection, exercise managers may decide differently based on who the observers are. Info from observers may support evaluators, depending on the design of the exercise.
Mainly raw data, not information, that is available.

Making and registering the observations as soon as possible (in time and place) (INEGMA-E²)

Registering as many as possible facts in real time, possibly in field (FSX,TTX), improves the impartiality of collected observations due to avoiding opportunity for interpretation from the observers’ sides. Moreover, it helps to distribute observation collection activities in both phases: during and after the exercise, providing logistical advantage. Lastly, the observations are available in the evaluation database earlier, giving the opportunity to be used for introducing the corrections after each stage of the exercise, so the information use also for exercise conducting purposes. 



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