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Toetage CDM (kriisi- ja katastroofiohje) lahenduste sidumist võimekuse vajadustega (DRIVER+)

  1. Aidake kaasa    praktikute võimekuse vajaduste ja lünkade väljendamisele.
  2. Aidake kaasa  lahenduste omanike teadlikkusele nendest vajadustest, et neil oleks võimalik töötada välja ja reklaamida vajadustele vastavaid uuenduslikke lahendusi.
  3. Aidake kaasa (kriisi- ja katastroofiohje) vajadustele ja lünkadele vastavate uuenduslike lahenduste leidmisel.

Ohtude ja riskide reaalajas tuvastamine, jälgimine ja analüüs. (IFAFRI)

sündmuskoha passiivsete ja aktiivsete ohtude ja riskide tuvastamiseks, jälgimiseks ning analüüsimiseks reaalajas

Back tracing of contact stations of infected persons (Johanniter Austria)

Within the patient and emergency transport we need to minimize the spread of diseases as best as possible to reduce the of our patients and staff. A complete disinfection of the ambulance cars after each transport is not possible, therfore we have to be aware of the risk of contamination.


Ressursihaldus pikaajalistel reageerimisoperatsioonidel (DRIVER+)

Ressursihalduse puudujäägid (personal, riistvara jne) mitme huvirühmaga pikaajaliste reageerimisoperatsioonide ajal.


Ressursikavandamine suure ulatusega ja pikaajaliste kriiside ajal (DRIVER+)

Piirangud suure ulatusega ja pikaajaliste kriiside ressursside (vajaliku kvalifikatsiooniga personal ja seadmed) kavandamisel.


Monitor and counter mis- and disinformation (STAMINA)

Mis- and disinformation can have adverse effects on crisis management and even cause cascading crisis (e.g. civil disobedience and even insurrections)


Training and assessing the level of preparedness (STAMINA)

Training the individuals and organisations and testing their preparedness level increases the resilience and exposes the shortcomings that need to be handled.


Metsatulekahjud: tulekahju kulg (DRMKC)

Arusaam tulekahju reageerimisest põlevmaterjali, ilmastiku ja topograafia teguritele, sh teguritele nagu näiteks leviku kiirus ja intensiivsus, võivad aidata juba süttinud tulekahjude kustutamisel ja uute tulekahjude ennetamisel.



Capabilities and expertise of the observers (INEGMA-E²)

Evaluators need to be aware of the topic that shall be evaluated, knowledge is needed on how to evaluate. 

Examples of topics: CBRN, wildfire, flooding.

If participants don't have knowledge about the observer’s knowledge and capabilities and expertise, they will lose trust.


To find out if the exercise was conducted in an optimal way and if the plan of the exercise was respected.

SOP for the evaluator (INEGMA-E²)

  • SOPs for defining methodology and proces of the evaluation based on its type
  • defining the methodology (literature review, interview, observation, etc.) 
  • should cover all phases of exercise planning/execution
  • model for a final report

Evaluators Assessment (INEGMA-E²)

Evaluators should be from a correct field/have to have expertise in the specific area. If an evaluator of a process is needed, then a generalistic approach would work. Evaluators of evaluators need to have skills in management and processes. Activities from organisational work are needed as well as understanding of evaluation processes.

  • (National/Critical Infrastructure) Sensible Information Security
  • Quality management of the evaluation
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