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Achievement of the participants' goals during the exercise (INEGMA-E²)

As an evaluator one has to have a good understanding of what the participants want to achieve to be able to know, whether the scenarios of the exercise supported these learning opportunities or not.

Evaluation of achievement of strategic goals (INEGMA-E²)

In strategic exercises the achievement of (pre-set) goals has to be validated. These are usually related to decision-making processes. Due to a variety of criteria and nuances in conditions for achievement this can pose a challenge to evaluators.

Registering the descriptive information (metadata) illustrating the circumstances of the observed exercise events (e.g. time, place, etc.), for future evaluation (INEGMA-E²)

To collect as much as possible information (metadata) describing the circumstances of the observation. This approach is in accordance with commonly used the evidence-based methodology, helping to draw more credible conclusions. The excessive registered information may be omitted during analysis, but unregistered information cannot be easily retrieved.


The evaluating staff must have full / unrestricted access to all the media through which the target audience communicates.

Assistance in border crossing for international participants (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH.)

When organizing an exercise with the participation of people from different countries and areas it has to be taken into account that border crossing is inevitable in order to enable the conduction of the exercise.


In order to properly calibrate the evaluation process with the specific objectives and goals of the exercise.

Anticipation of actions and decisions of participants (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH.)

The organization of an exercise also involves planning of the decisions and actions exercise participants might take when being confronted with new scenario injects.


In order to assure the correct understanding of the information that is exchanged at any and all levels.


Entorno adecuado para una imagen operativa común (DRIVER+)

Ausencia de un entorno de «imagen operativa común» que permita integrar los orígenes de datos y los resultados de los cálculos a partir de distintos modelos, esenciales para el  proceso de toma de decisiones desde el punto de vista del jefe de operaciones del incidente.


Incorporar información de varios orígenes a las operaciones de mando de incidentes (IFAFRI)

La de incorporar información de varios orígenes no convencionales a las operaciones de mando de incidentes


Secure cross-agency documentation, sharing and tracking (STAMINA)

Efficient and secure sharing of the data necessary for decision making has proven to be challenging in the recent COVID-19 .


Adequate collaboration and communication guidelines and methodology (STAMINA)

management is a collective effort encompassing various organisations that need to work seamlessly together across domain and administrative borders.



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