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Zaharia Corneliu Nicolae (male, team leader) has a PhD from the University of Bucharest, faculty of Physics. Currently he is the institute IT&C Manager, scientific researcher 1st degree. Profesional experience in the IT field - Project management and partner research team leader in national and international R&D projects: “System based on semantic knowledge and specific occupational protection against major risks (Risk-Expert)” (Contract No. 12108, 2008 2011); “The study of mechanisms of depression and anxiety by molecular dynamics simulation and docking (VIASAN Program, Contract No. 344/2004, 2004-2006, responsible); Interdisciplinary cooperation in health using telematics technology (RELANSIN Program, Contract No. 1252/2001, 2001-2003, responsible); “Management of a computerized system for collecting information and tele morbidity data analysis results in respiratory viruses, according to European standards” (Priority Program, Academy of Medical Science, Contract No. 577/4.05.1999, 1999-2001); “The study of disease / infection viral using modular systems ranked by artificial intelligence (1997 - 1999)
His scientific activity has led to 165 published articles (32 ISI, 43 reviewed in MEDLINE - NCBI USA), 7 monographs in the field of , 10 patents, and 215 scientific papers held in the country.

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