CDM terminology

This page provides the default DRIVER+ definitions for all DRIVER+ terminology terms, as well as the alternative definitions that are used by specific groups of Management stakeholders. Follow this link to export the complete list as PDF.

Affiliated volunteer


An individual who is affiliated with an existing incident organization or voluntary organization but who, without extensive preplanning, offers support to the response to, and from, an incident...




Assessment (Disaster risk)


A qualitative or quantitative approach to determine the nature and extent of by analysing potential hazards and evaluating existing conditions of exposure and vulnerability that together could harm people, property, services, livelihoods and the environment on which they depend.

Best practice


This encompasses the preferred actions in a specific type of situation to efficiently and effectively achieve a certain objective. may be formalised in internal policy documents such as handbooks and standard operation procedures and could be based on one or several Lesson Identified/ approved by decision-makers.

Civil society


Part of the population that is linked by common interests, but not part of the professional and not professionally trained in management.

Command & control


Activities of target oriented decision-making, situation , planning, implementing decisions and controlling the effects of implementation on the incident.
Note 1 to entry: This process is continuously repeated.

DRIVER+ note: incident encompasses also .

Communication between first responders


The process of communication, information sharing and diffusion between professional responders.

Community building


Practices directed toward the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within a regional area (such as a neighbourhood) or with a common interest.

Community of Practice


A platform that facilitates and fosters cooperation and synergies among Management professionals. A broad variety of stakeholders including practitioners, researchers, industry representatives and/or policy makers can exchange knowledge and best practices and initiate cooperation on topics. 

DRIVER+ note 1: Within DRIVER+ it is implemented as the CMINE consisting of an online platform and face to face meetings.

Community Resilience


The sustained ability of a community to utilize available resources to respond to, withstand, recover from and adapt to adverse situations.