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Managing the inconceivable: participatory assessments of impacts and responses to extreme climate change

Participatory methods for climate change studies:Simulation-gaming techniquesThe Policy exerciseThe Focus Group technique

Research on Efficiency of Collaborative Allocation System of Emergency Material Based on Synergetic Theory

Theoretical simulation

Design of fault simulator

Modeling and case study

Emergency transportation network design problem: Identification and evaluation of disaster response routes

Literature review, multi-objective programming modeling, case study

Project training evaluation: Reshaping boundary objects and assumptions

The subject of the research and its epistemological underpinning align it with a qualitative approach as the focus is exploration and development of new insights.A comparative case study methodology was adopted in order to undertake an in-depth investigation into a specific set of circumstances in a particular context. These were instrumental and exploratory case studies, in that their purpose was to provide insights into an issue that will enable a deeper understanding of the role of boundary objects for identifying project needs and subsequent of their outcome effects.

Evaluation of Medical Management During a Mass Casualty Incident Exercise: An Objective Assessment Tool to Enhance Direct Observation

An comprising three data fields (triage, clinical maneuvers, and radio usage), accompanied by direct anecdotal observational methods, was used to evaluate a large functional mass casualty incident .

Conventional Medical Education and the History of Simulation in Radiology

Review of simulation methods

Simulation for ward processes of surgical care

The use of a simulation as an educational

D-DEMATEL: A new method to identify critical success factors in emergency management

Quantitative modelling

A risk assessment tool for improving safety standards and emergency management in Italian onshore wind farms

Mixed research (checking the  international organizations’ standards for occupational health and safety management (i.e. ISO 45001and OHSAS 18001:2007, literature research; conducting site surveys; direct involvement of related organizations (ANEV – Italian Wind Energy Association), wind turbines owners and manufacturers).



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