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Managing the inconceivable: participatory assessments of impacts and responses to extreme climate change

The preparations phase includes interviews with would-be participants, the development of scenarios that outline both the sea-level-rise components and the background socioeconomic development patterns.

Research on Efficiency of Collaborative Allocation System of Emergency Material Based on Synergetic Theory

No real data used, but simulation with element values between -1 to 2.

Design of fault simulator

Experimantl plant called G-Plant

Emergency transportation network design problem: Identification and evaluation of disaster response routes

Modeling Step 0: InitializeStep 1: Build pathsStep 2: Build single-objective form of the ETNDStep 3: Solve modelStep 4: Evaluate

Project training evaluation: Reshaping boundary objects and assumptions

Three sets of data from documentary reviews, open ended questionnaires and semistructured interviews were drawn from the cases. Samples of organisational literature and documentation were analysed to understand the organisational views of their own learning and knowledge development practises. Written definitions of professional development, learning, knowledge and the differentforms of processes and their implementation were also examined.

Evaluation of Medical Management During a Mass Casualty Incident Exercise: An Objective Assessment Tool to Enhance Direct Observation

Seven trained observers, located at designated areas at the site, recorded their observations of medical management in the simulation on structured forms. Three observers were physicians with experience in management and four were medical students with a special interest in disaster medicine. The observers had participated in the organization of the exercise and design of the evaluation forms.All radio traffic was digitally recorded, with each communication being time-stamped.Anecdotal observations: Digital photographs and video recordings were used extensively to document the progress of the exercise.

Conventional Medical Education and the History of Simulation in Radiology

The trainee and evaluators watch the simulation to debrief and assess the performance

Simulation for ward processes of surgical care

Versatility in adapting a simulator to a wide range of learning objectives and scenarios is one of the inherent advantages of simulation. Having undergone a specific procedure with several simulated patients representing different stages of postoperative to cover the entire spectrum of patients within a short period.

D-DEMATEL: A new method to identify critical success factors in emergency management

Procedure of identifying CSFs in management based on D-DEMATEL:Expert on the direct relations of influential factors in researching systemFuse group opinions based on D number theoryUse DEMATEL to identify the CSFs

A risk assessment tool for improving safety standards and emergency management in Italian onshore wind farms

Assessing the risks from all hazards on a site by site.Gathering and elaborating wind turbines owners and manufacturers indicators for improving management.



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