Apply long-term vulnerability reduction measures
CM functional group

Apply long-term vulnerability reduction and measures, incl.:

a. Introduce land use planning and design decisions that avoid developments and community infrastructure in areas prone to hazards to reduce their possible impact and avoid to life, property and environment

b. Ensure the reliability of critical infrastructure (such as physical facilities, supply chains, systems, assets, information technologies and communication networks) that provide essential services to the people (incl. safe drinking water, food, reliable transport, accessible public health services, energy for homes and industry, access to banking, finance and government services, and communications networks to connect the people socially and in business)

c. Adopt and enforce hazard-resistant building codes and standards

d. Design improvements to the existing infrastructure and essential services

e. Perform capital works to reduce the impact of regular hazards such as seasonal flooding, icing, wildfires, tornados and others

f. Establish back-up data storage and processing systems

g. Take systematic measures to protect the landscape and environment form irreversible degradation

h. Employ build-in safety, security and into the design and operation of assets, systems, and networks

I. Initiate and maintain neighbourhood hazard civic (volunteers) associations

j. Others

Solutions addresing this CM function
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