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MCS Data Labs GmbH was established as a privately owned technology firm in Berlin (Germany) in 2013. MCS' competencies include hardware and software development. As a research-focused SME, MCS is developing solutions to IoT, AI and big data in Europe’s most relevant areas of . Flagship development of MCS is SmarKo Health®, a holistic sensor- and application-based monitoring and communication system with uses, for instance in digital health and border security. SmarKo Health® includes our self-developed customizable smart wearable sensor device that collects a wide range of parameters (e.g. vital data such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, continuous blood pressure, body temperature, ECG), environmental data (temperature, humidity and air pressure), 9-axis motion sensor, and may serve as a gateway for data collected by third-party devices. From the sensor data algorithms on a smartphone app generate further parameters like heart rate variability, respiratory rate, stress, sleep quality and activity parameters such as step count (with corresponding calorie consumption) and fall-detection. For further information visit MCS` YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUwW7rPj7xQ1I_ac9wsDVWg/videos

With wearables, MCS naturally has to deal with streaming data. Therefore, we got the experience to handle the challenges coming with the size, the speed and the for real-time processing. To handle those challenges our solutions are based on cutting edge technologies. The ecosystem allows for notifications to Public Safety Access Points (PSAP's), real-time video, audio and texting, thereby building on its high European safety and security standards. SmarKo Health® has been awarded the Deep Tech Award of Berlin, supported by the European Union. It makes up the core of MCS’ industrial and research undertakings. Since its foundation MCS has been a partner in European research.

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