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reach52 was founded in 2017, with a purpose to make healthcare go further so every community can thrive. We are driven by this purpose in everything we do, and by our core value. Trailblazing a new way, Empowering people, Restless for change, and Walking the Talk.

Simply enhancing existing systems doesn’t go far enough for the 52% of the planet without healthcare. We’re continuously pursuing new and different ways to deliver affordable healthcare everywhere. When others say, ‘we can’t, because…’, we say but ‘we can, if…’. And if we’re not failing sometimes, we know we’re not trying hard enough.

We believe better health and well being creates better opportunity. Access to affordable healthcare not only saves lives, it empowers communities to thrive. So, we empower the people in the communities to manage the health of their communities. Everything we do puts their needs first so we can enable affordable healthcare that lasts.

eu Portfolio of Solutions web site has been initially developed in the scope of DRIVER+ project. Today, the service is managed by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH., for the benefit of the European Management. PoS is endorsed and supported by the Disaster Competence Network Austria (DCNA) as well as by the STAMINA and TeamAware H2020 projects.