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The Instituut Fysieke Veiligheid (IFV, Institute for Safety) is the institute for relief and public management in the Netherlands. Focus is on helping the 25 safety regions if it comes to reinforcing fire services and dealing with contingency plans and .

The IFV contributes to a safer society by strengthening the safety regions and their partners in terms of professionalising their tasks. The IFV develops and shares relevant knowledge, has expertise in acquiring and managing communal equipment and supports authorities and management councils in question – in line with its ‘spot and connect’ device. ​

All our products and services relate to the following six regular key activities of the safety regions:

  • Supporting policies and the administration of senior civil servants and managers.
  • Developing, mediating and securing knowledge for the professional in the field.
  • Facilitating and/or providing courses, trainings and exercises to become and stay qualified.
  • Promoting talent and leadership development.
  • Acquire, manage and incorporate equipment for the safety regions.
  • Project management and (organisational) advice.
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