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MVM TEL d.o.o. is a leading provider of innovative telecom-market solutions for telcos and public safety organizations (mission-critical). Our team is capitalizing on almost 30 years of experience in R&D and very close cooperation with end users. Our expertise lie in xDSL, G.fast technologies, fiber optics, remote power feeding, etc. Our systems are carefully designed for ultra-low power consumption and can therefore be powered remotely or via batteries, solar panels, etc.

In the world of telecommunications everything changes, and it changes fast. We were not only silent observers of migration from old circuit-switching world to new generation networks. We participated with many solutions that made the transition easier for our customers. Now we are focusing on solutions for delivery premium Triple Play services over hybrid fiber/copper access network on one hand and dedicated wireline solutions for public safety networks on the other.

We are dedicated to providing the best Quality, Value and Service to meet our customers’ needs and make their business cases positive, never leaving them in the lurch.

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