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The Centre for European Security Strategies (CESS) supports public, private and multinational decision-makers with the development of scenarios and expertise to meet strategic threats. Using flexible expert and partner networksCESS compiles answers to the strategic questions of its clients at the interfaces between the vulnerability of central functional areas and a growing exposure. In a holistic approach CESS provides the development of scenarios, concepts, capabilities and structures for governments and enterprises to gain strategic capacity to act.

Threats and risks are part of the technological, economical, political and social development and the resulting changes and upheaval. Environmental protection and global warming, negligent handling of nature and natural disasters, shortage of resources and increasing energy demand, global economic networks and their increasing vulnerability, hegemonic and regional interests, a rising disposition of fundamental and religious groups to use violence as well as criminal and terror networks create new and complex structures of menace, threat and risk.

Not only the short-term primary effects, but the consequent long-term impact as a result of inter-connectedness and reactions will particularly strain and change both economy and society, as drastically demonstrated by the latest tsunami and hurricane disasters, the global financial or terrorist attacks such as 9/11. Our infrastructures hence play an important role: some are highly vulnerable in view of the new threats and are thus extremely critical for the economy, states and society. Solutions for handling the resulting highly intense crises therefore require a coordination of national, multi-national and private measures.

Compared to the past, entrepreneurial, economic and political actions increasingly require the involvement of strategic analyses: what are the technological, political and strategic developments (“scenarios”) to be expected in the medium and long term? How do they affect interests, plans, business development and politics, and which strategies and options should thus be derived?

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