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Trial Description

The "The Netherlands" takes place in The Hague and focuses on a flood affecting part of the Safety Region Haaglanden and about 500,000 people. The main objective of the is to find and test solutions for planning of resources, exchanging -related information and planning and managing large scale evacuation of population in urban areas. The Trial will be organised as a table-top based on a simulated environment.

Trial objective 1

The objective is to improve the to plan and coordinate resources for during large scale and long-term . Aimed at police for logistical reasons.

Trial objective 2

The objective is to improve the ability to exchange -related information among all organizations that might have a role or that might be affected during a crisis, which is currently sub-optimal in the Netherlands due to non-technical reasons.

Trial objective 3

The objective is to improve the planning and management of large-scale evacuation of population in urban areas.

Overarching scenario

This simulates the early warning , , information exchange and decision making in the context of flooding in the area of The Hague, Netherlands. It features several sub-scenarios, related to:

  1. Threat Phase - early warning and setting up of the management (2-5 days before )
  2. Impact Phase - the lock of Scheveningen collapses, the dikes near Wateringse Veld and Leidscheveen are threatened. Many citizens to be rescued.
  3. Cascading effects - flood results in water pollution power outages and telecommunications failures. 
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Trial type
Table top trial
Crisis size
Crisis Cycle Phase
Trial Location
Trial illustrations
Flood scenario in The Hague
Incident category
Floods (any)
Power grid collapse
Telecommunications failures
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