Main goal of a is to find out if a bridges your , and valid data is needed to back up your findings. That ́s why all the preparation steps are done. In this phase, the Trail is executed and it is made sure you capture that data! The first milestone in this phase is the Integration Meeting (TIM), followed by two Dry Runs in which the technical set-up is tested and is iterated. The grand finale is the Trial itself. Here all the data for deciding if a can bridge a is collected.

Trial Guidance (TGT) supports the users in this phase by helping the users to:

  1. Keep track of all relevant things in each of the steps by providing a checklist.
  2. Define test-cases that are needed to assure technical integration of the solutions into the .
  3. Monitor the progress of defined test cases along the Dry Runs.
  4. Contextual help for all steps.

For more information, please consult the Trial Guidance Methodology  and the TGT tutorials.


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