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Forest fires: Firefighting Techniques (DRMKC)

The increasing intensity of wildfires, together with the increased concern about fire safety and costs, requires better strategies and tactics for firefighting.


Modelling and visualization of threats' dynamics (DRIVER+)

Limitations in the ability to model real-time ( phase) or pre-event ( phase) dynamics of various threats and visualization of obtained results in a form that can be used directly by the incident commander.


Forest fires: Fire Safety (DRMKC)

Safety is the first concern of all involved in forest fires. The optimisation of operations, such as firefighters’ equipment and the use of forest roads for evacuation and for safe firefighting, are all part of the fire safety issue.


Adequate communication technology for crisis management (STAMINA)

Recent COVID-19 has demonstrated that EU states have so far failed to endorse a solid pandemics/epidemics communication methodology, develop clear guidelines and enforce use of these guidelines in crisis situations.

As a result, the communication was often haphazard, with different organizations and authorities occasionally disagreeing in their assessments of the situation and recommendations. 



Forest fires: fire behavior (DRMKC)

Understandding the manner in which a fire reacts to the variables of fuel, weather, and topography, including variables as rate of spread and intensity, can help both in fighting the already ignited fires and in .




Backtracking of potentially infected persons (Johanniter Austria)

If a patient is identified as infectious after he/she was transported by the ambulance, we have to backtrace all contact persons of the ambulance car team and test them, as the car is not disinfected after each transport.

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