Resource planning for large scale and long-term crises

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Limitations in the planning of resources (qualified personnel and equipment) for during large scale and long-term

Potential Solutions

Unlike the planning of resources for daily incidents, planning for large scale and long term is limited. Shift duration isa real constraint in such cases. Coordination across several agencies from several regions is required to overcome such limits.

References in the literature: no information found in the literature under scrutiny regarding the “planning” dimension of this

Rationale & related CM function(s)

Establish an integrated crisis management organization with a centralised HQ, supporting centres and local command structures will provide for better awareness and allocation of limited assets to priority tasks and, if considered necessary, augmentation of the command, control, and coordination structures.
The crisis management doctrine and training need to elaborate requirements and principles of response to rare, high intensity and long-term crises.
The exploration the implications of alternative crisis management futures, identified by rigorous foresight, will facilitate awareness and anticipation of highly demanding crises, e.g. by conducting exercises (table top, academia) and simulations in alternative futures' scenarios.
Plans for crisis management operations need to account for the full range of activities at every level of command and management and establishing cross border coordination.
Operational planning, and plans, need to be coordinated with military and other (e.g. private, international) providers of support.
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