Assessment of cross vulnerabilities

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Limitations in the cross vulnerabilities (people, property, environment) to optimize task prioritization and decision making.

Potential Solutions
Following solutions could be addressing this gap.

It is necessary to assess the consequences of a on people, property, the environment both separately, and including cascading effects across those three domains. This will help in identifying potential courses of action and assessing their probable outcomes, using modelling, and making use of lessons learnt and knowledge from past crisis.
Decision Support Systems are expected to take into account crisis dynamics, provide a assessing of the expected influences of possible actions (intervention modelling), and enable task prioritisation.

References in the literature: this is not identified as such in the literature. Broader gaps about related issues such as the ability to identify cascading effects or decision support prompts have been identified in several studies.

Rationale & related CM function(s)

Assessment of vulnerabilities needs to account for cross domain interdependencies and potential cascading effects
The assessment of needs requires model- and data-based prediction of impact across domains
Information on cross vulnerabilities and their actual and potential impact is needed to develop and sustain COP
The understanding of cross vulnerabilities and their impact affords better definition, prioritization and assignment of tasks and respective allocation of limited resources
The assessment of cross vulnerabilities and their impact is integrated into decision support system(s)
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