Data management: Data collection, data analysis and reporting

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Data managment runs almost throughout the whole cycle, from preparation, to conduct, analysis and reporting, even if evaluators are not heavily involved during the planning phase. It is useful to provide some guidance to evaluators for the content of data collection, usually this is developed in two pillars: of players performance and conduct. There are different methods for data collection: through evaluators input, feedback from participants, recording, possibly input from observers, interviews, debriefs. To decide if and how to use observers for data collection, exercise managers may decide differently based on who the observers are. Info from observers may support evaluators, depending on the design of the exercise.
Mainly raw data, not information, that is available.

Potential Solutions
  • of involvement of evaluators in plannings as soon as possible (chief evaluator)
  • on how data management is performed before the is performed
  • provide an exercise to support evaluators by providing the necessary data, the timeline of the exercise, contact points to other evaluators, information on the
  • MODEX: not only observers, but also trainers - seperate data sets and data source, to be considered
  • chief evaluator - involve in planning? - input from after exercise
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