Fully understanding of the evaluators role for the participants

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Sometimes evaluators are perceived as a kind of an "enemy" (might be a strogn word), as they are looking on what participants are doing = stressfull, feeling of being controlled, being observed. It needs to be understood, that the role is not to judge/classify the participants, but to contribute to the improvement.

It is a lot about transparency! If it is clear: methodology to evaluate the teams. It cannot be assumed that every team understands the methodology. If there is a common way to evaluate exercises, it becomes more clear. A kind of standard- .

Potential Solutions

Different degrees of being observed: Being a silent ("ghost") > might have impact on the atmosphere. Being aware of the borders of the role; (Side note: to understand an action of the team: would be better to speak to the coach instead of the team).Different "roles": e.g. "Spokesperson"

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