Attendance of participants at post event review

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Participants tend to lose interest in the , after having completed it. Depending on the expectations about the post-event outcomes (it is about findings, explaining to the people, is it about particular/specific processes/findings).

Opinion of the participants about the is an important part of the picture. It should be a composition of partial perspectives.

Potential Solutions
Following solutions could be addressing this gap.

Who are the "Participants"?
Feedback session of the people that have been trained. Trainer/coach/mentor: also observes things; maybe not the "whole" teams, but just team leaders.

Temporal dimension:
do the de-brief at least within 5 working days, level of satisfaction/engagement depends on preparation (even if just 1, 2 are not prepared)

Rationale & related CM function(s)

Why was the purpose (not) met; indicators for (not) success (e.g., poor preparation; unexpected characteristics of context/situation such as weather, covid: not enough participants, airport/traffic, etc.); role conflicts
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