Adequate technology for communication with the public

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Recent COVID-19 has demonstrated that EU states have so far failed to endorse a solid pandemics/epidemics communication methodology, develop clear guidelines and enforce use of these guidelines in crisis situations. In addition, the communication with the public was also inadequate - on the one hand impeding the use of information provided by the public in crisis manageent and on the other hand causing confusion and even panic among the population at first and leading to erosion of trust in authorities, thus facilitating the rise of rumours, conspiracy theories, civil unrests and even riots. 

Potential Solutions

communication encompasses communication within an , cross- /cross border communication and communication with the population. This specifically addresses communication with the population and assuring this communication is anchored in overall .

Rationale & related CM function(s)

Communication within the population, with the goal of assuring the trust in the capability of authorities to master the crisis and suppressing the spreading of disinformation.
Communication with the public with the goal of collecting the information and reacting to it.
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