Adequate communication technology for crisis management

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Recent COVID-19 has demonstrated that EU states have so far failed to endorse a solid pandemics/epidemics communication methodology, develop clear guidelines and enforce use of these guidelines in crisis situations.

As a result, the communication was often haphazard, with different organizations and authorities occasionally disagreeing in their assessments of the situation and recommendations. 


Potential Solutions

communication encompasses communication within an , cross- /cross border communication and communication with the population. Each of these aspects can significantly contribute towards successful , while lacking or inappropriate communication can easily lead to inefficient and conflicting use of resources, as well as to fear, uncertainties and doubt among the population.

Moreover, the (optimal) technological solutions for these different types of communication may be very different.

Rationale & related CM function(s)

Communication within and among the relevant organizations and decision makers, with the goal of reaching an agreement with respect to importance and urgency of the threat and deciding which measures
Communication with volunteers and, with the goal of assuring they have a good understanding of the crisis and aligning their activities with the needs of the professional crisis management team.
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