Create actionable intelligence based on information from multiple sources

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The ability to create actionable intelligence based on data and information from multiple sources

Potential Solutions
Following solutions could be addressing this gap.

Responders would like s that provide information that can be used to make more effective decisions across many responder tasks. Information should be viewable on existing platforms, including smartphones, mobile data terminals, and other computer systems. Analysis should be completed in real time and updated when additional data is available. When appropriate, information should be distilled and presented in charts, graphs, maps, etc. Potential solutions may include templates, checklists, or other aides that allow responders and command to make more informed decisions. Outputs from potential solutions may also be used for planning or purposes.

This is related tothe fourth , “the ability to incorporate information from multiple and non traditional sources into incident command operations,” which focuses on the integration of data. Data may to be integrated from multiple sources to create actionable information, but this is not always the case.This SOO focuses on the analysis of individual and/or integrated data sources to create information that can be used for better planning, decision-making, and action.

Rationale & related CM function(s)

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