Incorporating information from multiple sources into incident command operations

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The Ability to Incorporate Information from Multiple and Nontraditional Sources into Incident Command Operations

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There is a significant amount of data available to support incident command and operations. Often responders are not able to access or use this data. Furthermore, when they are able to access the data, the amount can be overwhelming. During a public order incident (e.g., demonstration, riot), for example, responders would like to have real-time access to municipal and traffic cameras, closed-circuit television feeds from local businesses, social media posts, property ownership records, etc., that will allow them to conduct safer and more effective operations. Information needs differ depending on the type of incident; however, few responders have access to real-time actionable information while in the field.

There are multiple technical difficulties in collecting and integrating data needed by responders. However, the benefits of increased situational awareness and improved responder safety highlight the importance of developing this .

Social media presents novel sources of incident-related data that were unavailable only a few years ago. Within minutes of the start of an incident, participants and bystanders begin posting updates to their social media feeds. Much of this information could provide data that is relevant to help responders neutralize a threat, rescue trapped or injured victims, or investigate potential suspects. Responders would like to access this data in real time to support their operations.

Responders have stated that they would like access to public and private data sources. They would like this information seamlessly integrated into a common platform, allowing users to view selected data based on user preference. Validation of data sources is a priority to ensure responders are using accurate data; this is especially a concern for social media and other public data repositories.

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Integrate data from public and private sources into incident command and response operations
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