Faciliate matching of CDM solutions to capability needs

Endorsed by
  1. Faciliate expressing the practitioners needs and Gaps.
  2. Faciliate the understanding of these needs by owners, so that they can develop and advertise the innovative Solutions resolving them.
  3. Faciliate discovering of the innovative Solutions addressing the needs and Gaps.
Potential Solutions

Responders and other stakeholders in the and management ( ) aim to keep the population, their property and the infrastructure safe from an increasing number of threats. Their budget and resources are limited and to be put at work in the most efficient way.

Solutions, presumably addressing these needs, are abundant and the new ones are being developed every day. But finding out if a solution really works as advertised, addresses the user needs and provides a tangible advantage for them is (too) difficult.

Rationale & related CM function(s)

Facilitates the discovery of solutions that meet the real needs of stakeholders - including those that are still being developed.
Facilitates the presentation and communication of the needs of crisis and disaster management stakeholders
Facilitates the publication of information about innovative CM solutions in all phases of development, from the idea to the validated operational software
Faciliates translating the Solution and Gap descriptions to languages of the stakeholders. In this way, the stakeholders who aren't proficient in english will still be able to discover the Solutions.
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