Resource management during long-term response operations

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Insufficiencies in terms of resource management (human resources, hardware, etc.) during multi-stakeholder long-term operations.

Potential Solutions

Large-scale incident requires a coordinated effort across multiple agencies and jurisdictions to know, in real time the availability, the location and status of all resources, and to anticipate timelines for delivery. Agencies rely on different techniques and tools to track their resources, therefore, even if it might be clear what one agency has available, there is no ability to obtain a holistic picture for incident command. There is a limited ability, to determine the status of request for resources, the estimated time of arrival or destination location.Data integration field is mature (available products integrating data from different operating systems, database formats and programming languages), but is not applied to the integration of public safety resource databases.

References in the literature: this is extensively identified and detailed in the Management literature.

Rationale & related CM function(s)

Share the information about available and used materiel and resources across agencies
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