Incorporating information from multiple and non-traditional sources

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Insufficiency in the ability to report dangerous areas and situation overview from multiple and non-traditional sources (e.g. crowdsourcing and social media) into operations.

Potential Solutions

Social media provides opportunities to enrich situational awareness. However, there is a to turn raw data into actionable information or intelligence by adding context, validating content and linking follow-on information to provide added value. Challenges lie with the amount of data to be treated and the integration of different formats of data and their displaying onto a unique environment. There are also issues regarding the trustworthiness of sources and the capturing of social media posts in real time on the scene (legal constraints).

References in the literature: this is widely recognised and described in the literature, often in relation with terrorist attacks types of crisis.

Rationale & related CM function(s)

Communication with emergent groups formed via social media
Transferring multimedia information in real time - even across slow internet connections
Discover the relevant information and assess the trustworthiness of the data from social media.
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