Real-time data and information fusion to support incident commander decision-making

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Limits in the ability to merge and synthesise disparate data sources and models in real time (historic events, spreading models, tactical situation, critical assets map, etc) to support incident commander decision making.

Potential Solutions

This is about using different sources of raw data and turn them into actionable intelligence. This implies the ability to displaying simultaneously data from different origin first responders, but also external sources like critical infrastructure operators, local authorities, researchers.This poses challenges like the use of a unique GIS system with different formats and scales, data repository , storing, access and authorisation, data update.

The objectives are to increase situational awareness by a better understanding of the dynamics to support real-time decision making and allow for a better anticipation .

References in the literature: the challenge to transform raw data is well documented in the literature, as well as the ability to re-use information from past similar events.

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