This page allows you to view existing gaps and to find out which solutions could be addressing them. If you can't find the gap that you are looking for, you can define a new one: Add CM Gap.

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Faciliate matching of CDM solutions to capability needs (DRIVER+)

  1. Faciliate expressing the practitioners needs and Gaps.
  2. Faciliate the understanding of these needs by owners, so that they can develop and advertise the innovative Solutions resolving them.
  3. Faciliate discovering of the innovative Solutions addressing the needs and Gaps.

Create actionable intelligence based on information from multiple sources (IFAFRI)

The ability to create actionable intelligence based on data and information from multiple sources


Member States (MS) are often unsure about the availability of health system resources, and their potential demand during a pandemic situation. There is a requirement for flexible interactive planning solutions that can be deployed at MS level, where these systems can integrate with existing health information systems to obtain resource availability, and then identify the health system demands that a pandemic can place on a MS.


Resource management during long-term response operations (DRIVER+)

Insufficiencies in terms of resource management (human resources, hardware, etc.) during multi-stakeholder long-term operations.


Rapid identification of hazardous agents and contaminants (IFAFRI)

The ability to rapidly identify hazardous agents and contaminants


Real-time detection, monitoring and analyzis of threats and hazards (IFAFRI)

The ability to detect, monitor and analyze Passive and active threats and hazards at scenes in real time


Locating casualties in large forest fires (DRIVER+)

Limited ability to identify the location of injured/ trapped/ deceased casualties in large forest fires.


Addressing the psychological stress of volunteers (DRIVER+)

Low awareness and lack of ability to address the risks of adverse mental health effects and decreased psychosocial wellbeing in spontaneous and trained volunteers following operations.


Forest fires: Firefighting Techniques (DRMKC)

The increasing intensity of wildfires, together with the increased concern about fire safety and costs, requires better strategies and tactics for firefighting.


Modelling and visualization of chemical and radiological threats' dynamics (DRIVER+)

Limitations in the ability to model real-time ( phase) or pre-event ( phase) dynamics of the chemical and radiological threat and visualization of obtained results in a form that can be used directly by the incident commander.


Forest fires: Fire Safety (DRMKC)

Safety is the first concern of all involved in forest fires. The optimisation of operations, such as firefighters’ equipment and the use of forest roads for evacuation and for safe firefighting, are all part of the fire safety issue.


Provide appropriate and advanced personal protective equipment (IFAFRI)

The ability to provide appropriate and advanced personal protective equipment



DRIVER+ project has received funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Programme for Research,
Technological Development and Demonstration under Grant Agreement (GA) N° #607798