This page allows you to view existing gaps and to find out which solutions could be addressing them. If you can't find the gap that you are looking for, you can define a new one: Add CM Gap.

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Faciliate matching of CDM solutions to capability needs (DRIVER+)

  1. Faciliate expressing the practitioners needs and Gaps.
  2. Faciliate the understanding of these needs by owners, so that they can develop and advertise the innovative Solutions resolving them.
  3. Faciliate discovering of the innovative Solutions addressing the needs and Gaps.

Communicating with the public during a large crisis (DRIVER+)

Shortcomings in policy and procedures for communicating with the public during a large .


Locating casualties in large forest fires (DRIVER+)

Limited ability to identify the location of injured/ trapped/ deceased casualties in large forest fires.


Resource planning for large scale and long-term crises (DRIVER+)

Limitations in the planning of resources (qualified personnel and equipment) for during large scale and long-term


Real-time data and information fusion to support incident commander decision-making (DRIVER+)

Limits in the ability to merge and synthesise disparate data sources and models in real time (historic events, spreading models, tactical situation, critical assets map, etc) to support incident commander decision making.


Forest fires: social aspects (DRMKC)

Understanding how the changes in social and economic characteristics of the population can create conditions of increased fire across the various regions and countries, is a prerequisite to reduce the level of exposure of local communities through better landscape planning.


Real-time detection, monitoring and analyzis of threats and hazards (IFAFRI)

The ability to detect, monitor and analyze Passive and active threats and hazards at scenes in real time


Obtain critical information remotely about the incident (IFAFRI)

The ability to obtain critical information remotely about the extent, perimeter, or interior of the incident


Create actionable intelligence based on information from multiple sources (IFAFRI)

The ability to create actionable intelligence based on data and information from multiple sources


Coordination in dealing with large numbers of severely burned casualties (DRIVER+)

Lack of efficient coordination mechanism to overcome the limited capacity to deal with large numbers of severely burned casualties at member state level


Managing spontaneous volunteers (DRIVER+)

Insufficiencies in the management of spontaneous volunteers on the scene in terms of location, tasking, capabilities, and shift duration.


Shared awareness of status and planned efforts in CM operations (DRIVER+)

Insufficient understanding of the overall current and planned efforts as well current strategies across organizations during a