This page allows you to view existing gaps and to find out which solutions could be addressing them. If you can't find the gap that you are looking for, you can define a new one: Add CM Gap.

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Faciliate matching of CDM solutions to capability needs (DRIVER+)

  1. Faciliate expressing the practitioners needs and Gaps.
  2. Faciliate the understanding of these needs by owners, so that they can develop and advertise the innovative Solutions resolving them.
  3. Faciliate discovering of the innovative Solutions addressing the needs and Gaps.

Coordination in dealing with large numbers of severely burned casualties (DRIVER+)

Lack of efficient coordination mechanism to overcome the limited capacity to deal with large numbers of severely burned casualties at member state level


Managing spontaneous volunteers (DRIVER+)

Insufficiencies in the management of spontaneous volunteers on the scene in terms of location, tasking, capabilities, and shift duration.


Shared awareness of status and planned efforts in CM operations (DRIVER+)

Insufficient understanding of the overall current and planned efforts as well current strategies across organizations during a


Incorporating information from multiple and non-traditional sources (DRIVER+)

Insufficiency in the ability to report dangerous areas and situation overview from multiple and non-traditional sources (e.g. crowdsourcing and social media) into operations.


Forest fires: fire behavior (DRMKC)

Understandding the manner in which a fire reacts to the variables of fuel, weather, and topography, including variables as rate of spread and intensity, can help both in fighting the already ignited fires and in .




Forest fires: climate change (DRMKC)

Understanding how future changes in climate will affect forest fires and associated emissions of greenhouse gases, in Europe and globally, is important to determine adaptation and potential of forests.


Rapid identification of hazardous agents and contaminants (IFAFRI)

The ability to rapidly identify hazardous agents and contaminants


Conduct on-scene operations remotely without endangering responders (IFAFRI)

The ability to conduct on-scene operations remotely without endangering responders


Addressing the psychological stress of volunteers (DRIVER+)

Low awareness and lack of ability to address the risks of adverse mental health effects and decreased psychosocial wellbeing in spontaneous and trained volunteers following operations.


International cooperation in aerial firefighting (DRIVER+)

Lack of common procedures supporting international cooperation in aerial firefighting.


Providing medical assistance to casualties (DRIVER+)

Barriers in to provide medical assistance to casualties either by transporting them to a safe place or bringing medical service to the scene (when medical care is not provided by firefighters’ units) - especially in forest fires.