Multilingual PoS

Dear PoS/TGT users,

On tomorrow's webinar, I would like to discuss the upcoming "multilingual PoS" features with you. The multilinguality has already been implemented on our development server and some contents have been translated to german as a proof of concept. For example:

  1. One of the gaps
  2. Several solutions
  3. Some of the taxonomies
  4. Some of the organisations

I have even translated my own user entry, to see how that works out. However, the user entries are only visible to logged in users and most of you will not be able to log-in on the development server, so just trust me on this one. We are currently testing this and when the most obvious bugs have been fixed roll out the new version of the PoS/TGT server again. This will be in a week or two.

Our plan is to translate (almost) all of the site contents to Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Polish in the near future, possibly some other languages too. In the first step, we intend to translate (almost) everything to German using the automated DeepL translation, with other languages being added successively. In a later stage, we will try to let the professionals translate at least some of the contents - most notably the descriptions. 

Right now, I would like to show you how this works and to learn about your wishes, hopes and fears related to this activity. In addition, we could use a few testers who are willing to give the pos-dev a try and report on the issues they discover. Please join the webinar tomorrow to learn more and tell us what you think.

sincerely yours,

Denis Havlik, PoS/TGT architect and manager

PS: The next webinar is tomorrow, 21.11.2019 14:00-14:30 CET. Instructions for joining it are available at

More improvements and the second webinar

Dear PoS/TGT users,

I am happy to announce that the site has been further improved and that we will have a next webinar later this week (Thursday 14-th November, starting 14:00 CET). Instructions for joining the webinar are available online:

Summary of changes:

  • New “edit workflow” link is available at overview pages (visible for owners and team members only). Further improved editing experience and the interactive help for solutions too. Please give it a try.
  • Improved presentation of the users and organizations (only the published solutions are shown to others on the user page; solutions and people from the organization are shown on its page)

On a related note, I have noticed that many solutions don’t list the “Provider”, so they will not appear linked to the organization. Likewise, most users currently only list the company they work for under “organizations”, not the projects and societies they are associated with. This is really up to you, but it would be nice if at least the DRIVER+ team and the solutions that were developed in the project would be visible at the DRIVER+ page

sincerely yours,

    Denis Havlik, PoS/TGT architect and manager

[DRIVER+ PoS news] improved solutions edit process and interactive help

Dear owners, dear PoS users, We are happy to announce that the workflow for defining and editing the solutions has been improved. When adding new solution, you simply to follow the workflow. Adding the use cases is a second step in the workflow so it’s very difficult to miss it now.

We are working on making this workflow available for subsequent updates (Update: done). In the meantime, you can edit every aspect of the solution through the main group edit now. Moreover, we have also improved the interactive help for solutions. You can reach this help by clicking on the orange “Solutions HOWTO” button on solution view and edit pages.

Please try it out and tell us what you think about it. You can use the “Helpdesk” button that's available on almost every PoS/TGT page for feedback.

“Next big thing” on the PoS will be the introduction of strategic gaps from gaps explorer and from IFAFRI. Some of them are already included in the new “Gaps explorer”, but we are still working on improved gaps/solutions matching method. Once this is done, I will ask you to double-check how well your solution matches the gaps and explain you how to improve the matching.

Stay tuned. sincerely yours,

   Denis Havlik, DRIVER+ PoS manager

[DRIVER+ PoS] Your solution isn't shared with CMINE

Dear [user],

A word on the street is that CMINE will do some kind of a contest for the "best CM ". Details will be published soon.

Your currently isn't eligible for the contest. To change this, you to enable the "I consent to re-use of this solution description under terms of CC BY 4.0" on the solution edit form. This will not only make it eligible for this contest but also make it more visible to potential users.

May the best solution win! :-)

sincerely yours,  Denis Havlik

Live presentation of new PoS features: October 31, 14:00 CET

Dear PoS users,

We have just updated the PoS/TGT server and added several new features. Most notably:

  • Simpler/more intuitive way to add and edit solutions
  • Better matching of gaps and solutions
  • Improved help for trials

Too many features changed to explain it all in this e-mail. We shall therefore organise a live session to showcase them and to discuss the future developments with you on October 31, 14:00 CET (tentative duration: 30-45 min). Save the date and join us using the following

GotoMeeting link:

For more information, please follow this link

Does PoS help improve the visibility of your solutions?

Dear Solutions owners and contacts,

We have started monitoring the traffic on the PoS site four weeks ago. For now, the statistics that we have is very simple, but here is how it looks like:

September: 1,247 unique visitors, 69,049 page views,

October: 1,379 unique visitors, 65,088 page views

Both stats are are for two weeks, so can be compared with each other.

As for the page views, the most visited page by far is the solution search page ( with 45,633 views in September 2019 and 40611 in October (multiply by two for the whole month).

Top visited solution this month is the "SE-Star : THALES Crowd Simulation" with over 700 visits so far, followed by I-REACT with over 450 visits. Most other solutions are in the 10-50 views range.

We will be adding more accurate statistics later, e.g. to find out where these people came from and more. Once we have that, expect more information. In the meantime, you can take a look at the statistics here:…

kindest regards


Re-using of the solution description by third parties

Dear owners and team members, As of tomorrow, we plan to start exchanging the PoS information with CMINE. To assure that your also receives additional advertising, please go to group/edit of your solution and enable the " I consent to re-use of this solution description under terms of CC BY 4.0" field. Once you have done so, the PoS will signal to any interested party that they can re-publish part of the solution description on their own sites and publications, as long as the link back to the original description is provided.

Currently, the following information is advertised:

  • May_reproduce: "0" for no, 1 for yes,
  • Usage_rights: "not for reproduction" or "CC BY 4.0 license",
  • Title,
  • Summary,
  • First illustration, resized to 480x480 pixels and its' title,
  • Some meta-information, e.g. " stage" and "trl",
  • Time of the last update in two forms: as date and in the "time ago" form.

How to re-use the PoS data?

Content sharing is not limited to CMINE. All interested parties can do the same, by mean of the PoS group_export function that can be called in the following way: If the output on that link looks unreadable to you, try with _format=xml or install a "JSON" plugin for your browser. For CHROME, see this link.

Meaning of the parameters

  • "en" stands for the language, could also be de, fr, es... FYI, we plan to get all the PoS contents translated to several languages by a professional translation service.
  • _format can be "json" or "xml"
  • type can be "solution" or " "
  • "changed" indicates to show only the solutions that changed since a given date. This helps when importing the updated solution descriptions from time to time (e.g. weekly)
  • may_reproduce=1 indicates that only the "for reproduction" solutions should be shown.
  • search can be used to search for specific solution
  • offset is used for paging and should be in the multiples of 10 (0,10,20,30...)

All the parameters except for the language code and _format are optional. That is, will return last ten solutions and trials that were translated to German. More information is available in the "PoS syndication HOWTO" tutorial.

Conditions of sharing the PoS content with third parties

We are currently developing a way to assure that the content you have posted on the site ( and descriptions) can be reused by third parties. Our current idea is to introduce a "Reuse conditions" checkbox where you can choose between something like "not for reuse" and "reuse under LICENSE conditions".

  • The "reuse allowed" license could be e.g. the "Creative Commons Attribution" (CC BY 4.0).

Furthermore, we to decide which default setting to use for your already existing content: "undefined", "reuse", or "do not reuse"?

Please tell us what you wish, by filling in this doodle poll.

Please respond to this doodle poll within the next two weeks. 

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