The end of the year is approaching and all is good on PoS/TGT

2019 has been a very busy year for the DRIVER+ Guidance and Portfolio of solutions. The number of solutions grew, the platform matured and became more user friendly, the Disaster Competence Network Austria became our first cooperation partner that will use PoS as a web database backend for the Austrian community.  The “strategic gaps” from DKRMC and IFAFRI were introduced to a platform and the CM-functions taxonomy updated to improve the automated matching between gaps and solutions.

Moreover, the site has been “noticed” by the Google and appears at or near the top for such generic searches as “CDM solutions catalogue” or “CDM gaps catalogue” (or portfolio) as well as for many solution-specific searches.

Recently, the “multilingual PoS” has been launched and the site is  translated to German now. And yes, this includes your user profiles, your organisations, gaps, solutions, menus and most help texts. Automated translation to Dutch, French, Italian, and Polish as well as the professional translation to (at least) German replacing the one we have today is on the TODO list.  

In short, the life is good and the PoS/TGT team is looking forwards to the end of the year festivities and wishes you and your friends and family a wonderful time.

Change of timing for our webinar this week

Dear PoS/TGT users,

Due to an unforeseen appointment, the PoS/TGT webinar on 12/12/2019 will start one hour later than scheduled, at 15:00 CET. 

We are looking forwards to seeing you and discussing the use and usability of the site, new multilingual features and any other PoS/TGT related questions.

Please check the translation of your solution

Dear PoS/TGT users,

All PoS solutions have been translated to German today. The translation is by an automated service, but it's better than one would expect. Still, don't expect too much. (We shall be adding better translations at a later stage.)

Translation mostly works as designed, but sometimes the German translations are too long. This mainly happens in "short summary", but it can also happen if (too) long descriptions are added to the images. Please keep the unformated texts short, more than 200 characters can already cause problems with German translations.

I have also enabled automated translating. Every time when you update the english version of the Solution, a new translation should be generated. Please keep in mind that this is experimental feature. If you notice any issues, please report them.

Update: french translation started.

Multilingual PoS and generic site search

Dear Pos/TGT users,

We are currently translating (most of) the PoS/TGT contents to German. If everything goes well, the “Christmas edition” of the PoS should feature German translations of the front page, menus, gaps, solutions, taxonomy terms, user profiles, organization profiles, CDM , and possibly also trials and help texts.

This will give your contents (solutions, trials) even more visibility and help the practitioners and other CDM stakeholders that aren't proficient in English. Additional languages will be added once the German version of the site has been fully tested(*). 

For discussion and more information, please join our next webinar on 12/12/2019.

Generic site search

We have implemented a new full-site search for users, organizations, gaps, solutions, trials and more on the development site. While not as powerful as the dedicated solution search, such generic search could help new users to easily discover whatever they are looking for. Which opens another question: since new “organizations” and “users” pages are quite presentable and useful, should we allow anonymous users to see your user profiles and contact you using the contact form?

[PoS/TGT news] An avalanche of usability improvements

Dear PoS/TGT users,

We are happy to announce that the PoS/TGT site is now far easier to use on a smartphone. In particular, the search page is easy to use on the small screens and should be more responsive too. Moreover, we have further improved the cross-linking of solutions, gaps, various taxonomy terms, users and organisations. For example, this is how the AIT page at PoS looks like now:

AIT page on PoS
AIT page at pos, illustrating the cross-linking between organisations, solutions and users. 

Similar cross-linking has also been implemented for the user pages and for the solutions. Furthermore, the "similar solutions" matching has been further improved and a simple "all users" page implemented at Finding and contacting you through PoS/TGT has never been easier (and yes, we have implemented sufficient anti-spam measures).

"DRIVER+/CMINE Top 3 Innovative Solutions in Crisis Management 2020" contest

Update: new deadline is January 20th 2019.

Dear  owners and team members,

  • Is your solution at an advanced stage of development (TRL 6 – TRL 9),  already trialed or even applied in real situations?
  • Is your company registered in an European Union state or in an Associated country?

If yes, your solution is eligible for participation in the DRIVER+/CMINE Top 3 Innovative Solutions in Crisis Management 2020" contest (follow the link for more information).

Why should you compete?

  1. DRIVER+ and CMINE will invest considerable resources to advertising of this event and of the solutions participating in it. 
  2. The three best ranked solutions will be presented at the DRIVER+ Final Conference 19-20 February (boot + 10 minutes plenary presentation). The travel expenses of two persons per solution will be reimbursed by the DRIVER+ project.

How to enter the competition?

To join the contest, please edit your solution and make sure that all of the following fields are set: 

solutions competition

Hint: just having an innovative solution is not enough to win. You also to present it convincingly. Readable summary, relevant and easily understood use cases, good illustrations, references and documentation can help.


If you have any issues, doubts or questions related to the PoS/TGT site and your solution, please join the next PoS webinar on November 28-th 2019, or contact us using "helpdesk" button on your solution page.

For the questions related to the competition, please contact .

sincerely yours,

Denis Havlik, PoS/TGT architect and manager

Multilingual PoS

Dear PoS/TGT users,

On tomorrow's webinar, I would like to discuss the upcoming "multilingual PoS" features with you. The multilinguality has already been implemented on our development server and some contents have been translated to german as a proof of concept. For example:

  1. One of the gaps
  2. Several solutions
  3. Some of the taxonomies
  4. Some of the organisations

I have even translated my own user entry, to see how that works out. However, the user entries are only visible to logged in users and most of you will not be able to log-in on the development server, so just trust me on this one. We are currently testing this and when the most obvious bugs have been fixed roll out the new version of the PoS/TGT server again. This will be in a week or two.

Our plan is to translate (almost) all of the site contents to Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Polish in the near future, possibly some other languages too. In the first step, we intend to translate (almost) everything to German using the automated DeepL translation, with other languages being added successively. In a later stage, we will try to let the professionals translate at least some of the contents - most notably the descriptions. 

Right now, I would like to show you how this works and to learn about your wishes, hopes and fears related to this activity. In addition, we could use a few testers who are willing to give the pos-dev a try and report on the issues they discover. Please join the webinar tomorrow to learn more and tell us what you think.

sincerely yours,

Denis Havlik, PoS/TGT architect and manager

PS: The next webinar is tomorrow, 21.11.2019 14:00-14:30 CET. Instructions for joining it are available at

More improvements and the second webinar

Dear PoS/TGT users,

I am happy to announce that the site has been further improved and that we will have a next webinar later this week (Thursday 14-th November, starting 14:00 CET). Instructions for joining the webinar are available online:

Summary of changes:

  • New “edit workflow” link is available at overview pages (visible for owners and team members only). Further improved editing experience and the interactive help for solutions too. Please give it a try.
  • Improved presentation of the users and organizations (only the published solutions are shown to others on the user page; solutions and people from the organization are shown on its page)

On a related note, I have noticed that many solutions don’t list the “Provider”, so they will not appear linked to the organization. Likewise, most users currently only list the company they work for under “organizations”, not the projects and societies they are associated with. This is really up to you, but it would be nice if at least the DRIVER+ team and the solutions that were developed in the project would be visible at the DRIVER+ page

sincerely yours,

    Denis Havlik, PoS/TGT architect and manager

[DRIVER+ PoS news] improved solutions edit process and interactive help

Dear owners, dear PoS users, We are happy to announce that the workflow for defining and editing the solutions has been improved. When adding new solution, you simply to follow the workflow. Adding the use cases is a second step in the workflow so it’s very difficult to miss it now.

We are working on making this workflow available for subsequent updates (Update: done). In the meantime, you can edit every aspect of the solution through the main group edit now. Moreover, we have also improved the interactive help for solutions. You can reach this help by clicking on the orange “Solutions HOWTO” button on solution view and edit pages.

Please try it out and tell us what you think about it. You can use the “Helpdesk” button that's available on almost every PoS/TGT page for feedback.

“Next big thing” on the PoS will be the introduction of strategic gaps from gaps explorer and from IFAFRI. Some of them are already included in the new “Gaps explorer”, but we are still working on improved gaps/solutions matching method. Once this is done, I will ask you to double-check how well your solution matches the gaps and explain you how to improve the matching.

Stay tuned. sincerely yours,

   Denis Havlik, DRIVER+ PoS manager

[DRIVER+ PoS] Your solution isn't shared with CMINE

Dear [user],

A word on the street is that CMINE will do some kind of a contest for the "best CM ". Details will be published soon.

Your solution currently isn't eligible for the contest. To change this, you to enable the "I consent to re-use of this solution description under terms of CC BY 4.0" on the solution edit form. This will not only make it eligible for this contest but also make it more visible to potential users.

May the best solution win! :-)

sincerely yours,  Denis Havlik