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ASIGN is a solution that helps reduce emergency and disaster response time through the fast and efficient collection and communication of photos of videos even through limited bandwidth.

It is an optimal all-in-one software for the collection, communication and management of operationally relevant information. ASIGN supports the collection and communication of photos, videos, geo-texts, tracks and forms in a very bandwidth efficient manner. Specifically, it can communicate photos and video with 99% bandwidth reduction, enabling communication even through low bandwidth cellular and mobile satellite communication networks while maintaining full precision and accuracy.

ASIGN is comprised of the ASIGN Server, a cloud-based platform from which the incoming information is managed, plus the field user applications ASIGN PRO and UAV-ASIGN, which collect and send information from the field to the Server, all with end-to-end encryption. Photos and videos sent through the ASIGN field user applications arrive up to 100x faster at their destination, enabling a better-informed and swifter decision-making process and subsequent action.

The main ASIGN PRO and ASIGN Server capabilities include:

  • Reliable communication of highest precision geo-spatial photo and video content even in low-bandwidth situations.
  • 'Details by demand' methodology allows for full-precision data while focusing network resources on sending operationally relevant content.
  • Professional camera and 360 video camera integration.
  • Increased field team coordination through ‘live mission stream’ function, enabling team members to view what their team members are contributing.
  • Tracking function and geo-zone alert abilities for increased coordination and user safety
  • The creation and dissemination of customized Assessment Forms and collaborative reports, as well as the exporting of the collected data
  • A common operational picture, with a powerful backend system with user / mission management capabilities.
  • Classification and categorisation capabilities for better data management and analysis

ASIGN’s functions have been specifically developed to target the speed and efficiency of time-critical data collection, communication and development of situational understanding in order to reduce and time.

Supported Use Cases

Disaster Assessment Tool


Related CM functions

Reducing response time through efficient data collection, communication and situational understanding

Time is the most critical factor in any kind of . The ASIGN software contributes to reduced time in emergencies, disasters and critical situations by providing several capabilities for:

  • Simple and swift data collection in the field by professionals, volunteers or UAV pilots. Using dedicated smartphone applications (or web apps that do not to be installed in a computer) with key features that make data collection more efficient:
    • Capturing of geo-referenced photos and video
    • Template forms to fill out online and offline
    • Geo-texts and tracking
    • Categorisation and Prioritisation (e.g. for triage) of observations
  • Fast and efficient data communication by bandwidth efficient solutions that save up to 99% of time, cost and resources. Communicate even through networks with lower coverage or satellite links, enabling effective communication in larger or remote areas.
    • Highly efficient data protocols developed by AnsuR, GR4-COMS
    • Interactive ASIGN communication allows for the sending of a preview and then the pulling of operationally relevant full precision contents
    • Allowing for operational interaction despite low networks between field users and remote headquarter
    • Faster tactical due to faster and increased situational awareness
    • Cost and time savings while increasing precision
  • Improved situational understanding by integrating the data into a common operational picture with maps and other types of information, with easy to use graphical interfaces.
    • Data management, categorizing, filtering and analysis
    • Communication with ASIGN field users and other stakeholders
    • Geo-feeds into a mapping system that can be fused with other types of information
    • Computer vision capabilities

Related CM functions

ASIGN PRO Smartphone Application for field data collection and communication
The ASIGN Online Server can be accessed through any web browser to create and manage users, missions and assessment forms as well as manage and analyse the incoming data.
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