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In crisis situation, sharing real-time information is vital! Answering this challenge, ATMOSPHERE has developed a collaborative mission management service, PLANET, which enables to communicate on board and on ground in real-time anywhere in the world.

With PLANET all stakeholders can acquire and share overall situation awareness. PLANET service provides answers: where are located the different assets (planes, helicopters, UAVs, vehicles, boats, field personnel), what is current mission environment status and forecast (weather, pollutants, fire fronts). It enables to stay aware of which instructions are given, and which actions are on-going using structured chat and geo-markers. The information is available to all stakeholders in a transparent and traceable way. Thanks to chat, misunderstanding between actors can be avoided, and instructions traced back if needed. This is particularly useful in the context of international operations.

In a Management situation, PLANET would be integrated as an "overlayer", providing instantaneous between the different entities involved. With a web application front-end, PLANET is deployed on crisis stakeholders’ personal devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops), as well as main operation center displays (desktops). It just requires a browser and internet communication to operate. PLANET is dependable, as it relies on diverse connectivity means to exchange information, including satellite communication. It can be quickly deployed for the purpose of handling an ad-hoc crisis situation. The deployment process is very light: it only requires to configure a mission on a cloud server and create users. This can be done in few hours. The can be deployed independently from legacy infrastructure pertaining to participants entities.

Supported Use Cases

Mission Environment Information Integration

PLANET service enables to enrich common operational picture with external live sources of information : weather, earth , aeronautical and maritime information. 

Related CM functions

airplane tracking, weather information, telemetry and chat display
Video illustrations
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