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The DIVOS recording system provides thorough documentation of all events and activities during all crisis cycle phases. It collects and archives voice communication, surveillance information, as well as all operator activities.

Based upon a highly reliable and available standard IT platform, it lets investigators search and play back recorded information via a web-based client. Crisis reports can be shared between users - ensuring access control and integrity - or easily exported to third party stakeholders.

Key features

  • Designed for investigators

DIVOS Investigate is a client specifically designed for crisis and incident investigators. Users can manage their investigations, search and play back recordings of interest from different channels and add findings to their report. They can add voice annotations, prologues and epilogues to their reports and even collaborate during an investigation, sharing the report with other users and protecting the results.

  • Secure storage and access

Confidentiality and integrity-protection of all logged information is ensured during recording, storage and user access. The integrated audit log services document all user activities for legal purpose.

  • Scalable and reliable architecture

DIVOS scales from small to large, distributed and fully redundant system configurations.


DIVOS at a glance

Recording          Phone and radio communication, full activity capturing

Availability         Support for redundancy on system level

Scalability           Up to 10.000 concurrent recording streams

Environment      Standard physical or virtual IT environment

Security              Encryption and integrity protection of recordings

Footprint            Reliable recording for +100.000 channels every day,
+500 systems worldwide

Supported Use Cases

Recording of voice and events

As a manager involved in a activity I want to record all voice and data communication related to the . The recordings will support post-event analysis and help to improve the workflow of future events.

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