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The REM Railway incident management by Frequentis lets both on-site and off-site staff handle railway related incidents ranging from operational incidents and technical incidents to emergency and crisis situations.

Based on the REM product suite, this satisfies operational requirements, as well as safety management system requirements. For a railway company looking for a cost-effective incident management system, which is deployable within a short timeframe, the REM product is the perfect starting point for creating a tailored .

The capabilities of REM can be summed up into following categories of needs:

  • Decision support
  • Communication support
  • Documentation support

SAR Search and Rescue

The SAR (Search and Rescue) Incident solution manages and presents incident related information with a user-friendly HMI in a search and rescue environment from a variety of disparate sources, that enables operators to concentrate on managing their efficiently.

Frequentis ICM framework organises unrelated data feeds into a single view. This means operators can avoid having to patch together their own workflows across disconnected systems of the different search and rescue forces and ensures accurate information reaches the right decision makers on time, whether through an easy to use HMI, via voice communication, or through a mobile client.

Vital information is brought together in a user-friendly interface that promotes rapid understanding and fast, efficient decision making, supported by rich integrated mapping and communication. Additional voice and data recording allow a complete data analysis and reconstruction, creating a more comprehensive picture of an incident, supporting and enhancing the work authorities are responsible for.

The common operational picture of the ICM system is layer based which allows adding or removing information to the map according to the users’ requirements. Specific layers can be added to the system to provide a flexible, future proof information platform. The system shall support layers that can be enabled/disabled via a dedicated menu.

ICM-Search and rescue Solution features

  • Situation Awareness by integrating all relevant geographical data into one Common Operational Picture (COP) based on a Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Visualization based on the current operational information available to the Myanmar Search and Rescue based on the following GIS layers: Geo map, Meteorological Information, Air Picture, ADS-B, Maritime Surveillance & AIS Information, Location Information (tracking), integration of existing videos, Radar coverage, Radio Coverage, Critical infrastructure, Transportation, Flooding areas, 3D maps, tracking, Advanced Location Information
  • Efficient and intelligent management of incidents and emergencies by guiding operators to follow the relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Customised Data Forms for entering information
  • Checklist of measures taken to respond to a search and rescue incident
  • Continuous incident and workflow action log
  • Consistent and reliable data management functions
  • Support for incident location identification
  • Provides information about the incident zone
  • Consistent legal recording of processes used for investigations, compensation management and process optimization
  • Transformation and synchronization of external databases and data feeds
  • Statistical data supports investigations, performance measurements, forecasting and process optimization
  • Mobile client for selected users
Supported Use Cases

Accelerated communication with all involved parties

REM Railway incident management communication support functions include:

  • Streamlined alerting and incident information distribution.
  • Reduced lead time between detection and resolution.
  • Standardised incident data export.

Related CM functions

Crisis documentation support for railway managers

REM Railway incident management supports the railway managers with stepwise guidance to produce a comprehensive documentation of the incidents emergencies and situations.

  • Documentation is structured in accordance with the operational procedures
  • All related activities are documented in an audit log
  • All information is stored in one comprehensive incident case file.

Related CM functions

Improved situational awareness for railway managers

REM Railway incident management provides the railway managers with decision support in through increased situational awareness – timely, focused and accurate. Following functions are provided:

  • Common operational picture
  • Responsibility model identifies local authorities or units.
  • REM Mobile supports on-site units

Related CM functions

Incident Workflow Management

As a manager I want to define workflows for all kind of foreseeable incidents. These workflows include procedures to be followed, persons to be informed and the reporting of tasks. The Incident+ Management System shall support these workflows with fixed and mobile devices and also enable a post-event analysis.

Related CM functions

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