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The Rumor Debunker offers a solution for internet news analytics. It is developed to counteract mis- or disinformation campaigns.

Rumor Debunker can help to promote the to efficiently tackle in large scale, long-term manmade disasters. It covers all phases of by preparing reliable data sets of media communication for unexpected events.

By pointing out actual trends Rumor Debunker allows crisis and disaster managers to discover relevant information from internet news for their operational responsibility. Therefore, Rumor Debunker offers

  • a to debunk deception and rumors in social media;
  • users a platform to get an insight on how media data is present in digital media and
  • a new approach to analyzing and evaluating relevant information/network communication in crisis situations
    • like motivation behind disinformation campaigns or
    • first source and multiplicator source




Supported Use Cases

Use Case 1: Continuous media monitoring (quality assured)

A typical problem which is addressed in 1 is that the internet provides a quantity and variety of information. It is impossible to evaluate manually, whether information is true or not.

For example, in a flooding event in Austria, someone posted on social media that cholera bacteria are in the water - which was not true. There is a dramatic increase in methods observable for fake production.

By building up and providing access to a quality checked news data set for the relevant operational information space, the Rumour Debunker platform shows news, marked with the value of the compound index. As such, the news can be valued according to their reliability.

It is very easy to overlook whole parts of the internet communication, relevant for a specific if these are manmade. Such traditional media monitoring methods do not have a proper grade of saturation for strategic communication. Automated methods have proven to be much more effective. However, most effective is the combination of automated tools and human intelligence, which is applied in Rumor Debunker.

Rumour Debunker platform shows news, marked with the value of the compound index. As such, the news can be valued according to their reliability.

Based on the data set of such classified news messages, users of the Rumour Debunker platform get an insight and impression on whether news are target of a hyper-personalized disinformation campaign. This possibility is expected to become more important for crisis and management ( ). So, in the future user might even be warned (if necessary) within the continuous media monitoring.

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Technologies supporting disinformatoin

Use Case 2: Media observation in a crisis

For network centric communication in and management ( ) it is very important to gather reliable open source information. Relevant sources of misinformation and disinformation must quickly be identified to react efficiently.

Social media is a facilitator/distributor of very sensitive public reactions. Changed communication rules in new media create new realities in possible and actual crisis situations. Traditional journalists lost their role as a gateway in crisis communication. With social media in place, crisis communication is always network centric. It needs crisis and manager to use communication tools which keep up with the pace of .

So, the first publisher might have a specific interest for publishing the information. The publisher, with the highest multiplicator rate is responsible for spreading the disinformation. For strategic network communication in crisis situations, it is very important to know the motivation behind disinformation campaigns, as well as first source and multiplicator sources, so that they can be addressed appropriately and effectively.

In 2, by tracking the sources of specific news, back to their origin, the structure behind the disinformation campaign becomes visible.

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