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Using the know-how and expertise acquired during the development of the CECIS tool, the PROTECT application is a web-based alert and notification system for emergency (and early warnings) situations concerning civil protection.

The main concept behind is to monitor and control Emergencies and to manage a pool of Resources to support the assistance provided during emergencies. PROTECT uses a map oriented user approach powered by the know-how and skills from Alert4All, featuring the monitoring and reporting on the development of each , management of all documents related to the , management and dissemination of messages and notifications, collection and retrieval of lessons learnt.

Supported Use Cases

PROTECT UC-01 resource management

This UC illustrates the PROTECT resource management concept and functionality.

PROTECT receives information on the incident occurring from some external entity and starts the following workflow:

  1. Local Operational Centre (LOC) completes the information on the incident
  2. National Operational Centre (NOC) is informed
  3. LOC requests assistance for any local, regional or international civil protection organization already registered in Protect
  4. LOC uses PROTECT to collect offers for assistance from any civil protection organization
  5. NOC also offers for assistance
  6. LOC accepts or refuse the offers
  7. LOC informs all involved entities about the resources now available

Information exchange with external entities and systems is realised using EMSI protocol. 

Related CM functions

Sequence diagram illustrating the exchange of information in this UC
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