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The Debris Tool is a software based solution designed to amalgamate various defined inputs from the field, historic survey data and other sources, for the prediction and modelling of waste and debris removal options in a post-crisis environment.

The also adapts to applications in pre-emptive or scenarios by providing an accurate, up to date map that can be used as a keystone in planning. By the modelling of the standard management system the marginal benefits of any potential improvements are pivotal in decision support particularly where logistics and access are a concern. In a live context, the maps are invaluable in aiding resource planning and analysis of humanitarian logistics options.

Gain oversight of Debris (location and quantity)

Gain oversight of Debris (location and quantity)


Overlay critical ( services) routes with debris presence to allow scheduling of debris clearance in alignment with emergency services access requirements

Related CM functions

Model scenarios for logistics decisions on debris management

Model scenarios for logistics decisions on:

  • Time required to remove debris
  • Number of trucks required to remove debris
  • Cost for removal of debris

Provide capacity requirement at debris disposal or recycling facility.

  Run modelling for planning.

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