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WHO simulation exercise manual: a practical guide and tool for planning, conducting and evaluating simulation exercises for outbreaks and public health emergency preparedness and response

The purpose of the WHO simulation manual is to support the development and management of an effective, fit-for-purpose program. The manual adopts a project management approach and is intended for use as a ready reference toolkit, with adaptable templates for developing, implementing and evaluating exercise projects. This manual complements existing WHO exercise methodologies, helping ensure common understandings and approaches across the organization. It describes how exercise teams work, and can supplement future courses for WHO staff, ministries of health, governments, and and partners.

Supported Use Cases

National emergency simulation trainings

The manual can be used as a guide for the development, implementation and of nationwide simulation projects regarding outbreaks and public health emergencies that include the cooperation of rescue services, police and fire departments as well as federal armed forces and ministries of health.

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