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This handbook is produced as a tool for the evaluation of the Barents Rescue exercise in Sweden in September 2011.

This handbook describes how a staff and decision , oriented towards management may be evaluated. The will cover both the behavior of the participants and the impact of the chosen exercise format on outcome. The handbook of primarily targets professionals and practitioners within authorities, municipalities or organizations, who already possess a good level of knowledge about operations in general. The handbook is part of support of methods aimed at developing actors’ ability to conduct and evaluate exercises independently.

Supported Use Cases

Evaluating emergency exercises in rescue service

Exercises are a relevant part of the of future paramedics as well as paramedics who already contribute to a country’s rescue service. Especially in the field of management at a larger scale demands a well-executed exercise for a proper of the participants’ capabilities. This handbook can be used as a guide to the efficient and effective development, execution and of exercises and training scenarios in this context.

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