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Technical testbed combines tools and data to quickly setup an environment for testing new solutions in the crisis domain, either standalone or in collaborative trials and experiments.

In a trial, one or more innovative solutions are used by the participants and assessed in the context of a simulated . For a useful , the offers several tools for support and a common information space to share messages between solutions, and with . Additionally, multiple simulators can be connected to create a realistic, yet fictive incident environment. The technical infrastructure allows for connecting solutions and alike, such that they can share messages with each other inside the common information space (CIS). The technical infrastructure also allows to simulators to be connected together, such that they can simulate an incident and feed the simulated incident to the solutions and legacy systems. This is done by using the common simulation space (CSS) and the CIS-CSS gateways. In the  management tool (TMT), several scenarios can be created to assess specific aspects of the trialled solutions. In the  support tool (OST), checklists and questionnaires can be created and used by observers and participants during the execution of a . The after-action-review tool (AAR) logs all checklists and questionnaires as well as all messages flowing though the CIS and CSS. This data is stored and made available for .

Supported Use Cases

Rerouting traffic in flooded areas

For example, a flooding simulator can share the simulated flooding in the CIS, so the traffic simulator will not route traffic in that area. Via the CIS-CSS gateway, the simulated flood map is provided to the common operational picture application, so they will not dispatch ambulances to that area.

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