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SmarKo, a smart wearble sensor device, that enables remote real time monitoring of health, environmental and physical activity data as well as geolocation and can transmit the measurement data to a mobile app.

The complete ecosystem SmarKo Health, a technology platform for data collection, transmition, analysis and visualisation. It includes our self-developed customizable smart wearable sensor device SmarKo for remote real time monitoring which can record a wide range of parameters, for instance vital data such as heart rate, ECG, electrodermal activity (EDA), oxygen saturation and skin temperature, environmental data such as humidity, air pressure, enviromental temperature and air quality index (AQI), activity parameter such as step count and Geo Location (GNSS). It also serves as gateway for data collected by third-party devices such as blood sugar meters and smart scales. Algorithms on a corresponding mobile app enable the derivation of further health-related parameters  such as stress level, heart rate variability (HRV), sleep duration/ phases and the detection  atrial fibrillation. The completely self-developed smart devices fulfill the requirements for data privacy and security. 

Supported Use Cases

Remote Monitoring of infected people and of people/ first responders at high risk of infection

during an pandemic crises the wearable can be used for various purposes:

1- monitoring health of first responders and other involved personnel 

2- health monitoring of people with a high of being infected who return from a high  area.

3- health monitoring of contact persons being in quarantine  

4- health monitoring of infected people in isolation 

5- tracking of people at high risk having given


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Smart Wearable Sensor Device - SmarKo
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