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DMHT is a technological platform for aggregating heterogeneous, mostly curated, and structured anonymized historical health and other relevant data sets and their annotations from health stakeholders, as well as open data sets.

DMHT introduces a combination of different functions and services that collectively aim to enable seamless access to a set of healthcare data sources. The 's development main axes allow the seamless digestion of information between various services and data sources and allow the 's maximum modularity in its integration and deployment. It aspires to offer flexibility and scalability in order to be able to fulfill the needs and the requirements of each . For this purpose, DMHT's design is based on a highly modular architecture built as a microservice mesh. 


Supported Use Cases

Ingesting and integration of heterogeneous data

DMHT supports data integration, which deals with the problem of combining information coming from different sources and providing the user with a unified view of the collected data. These sources may be either data sets from specific data providers, such as health stakeholders, that offer limited access or data sets from organizations that support open access, e.g., WHO, CDC, etc.

Moreover, it supports the mechanisms responsible for ingesting this information and fetching it into the platform. Data ingestion relies on establishing all the connection endpoints necessary for extracting data (structured or unstructured) from the sources and developing the tools responsible for reading the information from these endpoints. The collected healthcare data are semantically enriched to establish a basis for the semantic coherence of the integrated data and facilitate discoverability and accessibility of external information. Moreover, the data harmonization services are responsible for curating and transforming the integrated and anonymized data into a consistent format. After data ingestion and transformation are completed, data management is responsible for efficiently storing and processing data using databases, data warehouses, and data lakes in a secure and reliable way.

Related CM functions

secure data storage and access

Health data is sensitive, so the storage and access must be secure to avoid incidental leakage and prevent unauthorised access.

Related CM functions

DMHT Architecture
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