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An access control policy management framework implemented by capitalizing on the Blockchain technology

The Information Protection and Secure Data Sharing is addressed to Data Providers (e.g., Hospitals) and Data Recipients (e.g., National Planners, Ministries of Health, Health Management Teams, Civil Protection Stakeholders, First Responders, Machine Learning Algorithms owners etc.) to facilitate the secure exchange of closed datasets among them in the context of their operations, roles and responsibilities to e.g., plan, predict, manage, and efficiently respond to a pandemic.

This aspires to provide a unified and efficient data access control policy management framework. It aspires to build upon and improve existing data governance processes between different organizations, translating the information sharing policies they already apply in their current operational interactions into electronically enforceable rules compiled in smart contracts.

The tool capitalizes on the Blockchain technology, a relatively new technological proposition that leverages cryptographic algorithms and technologies that provide very strong security and ensure both the integrity and the availability of Data.



Supported Use Cases

Facilitate controlled sharing of data across organisations

A Data Provider who will benefit from this is one who needs to address a in the form:

"I want to make the location of my data (and retrieval instructions) known to Recipient organizations X, Y and Z".

An indicative is for a Provider to use the to store a query to retrieve data, the virtual address where they are exposed and info on how the Recipient could authenticate.


  • The Provider might not fully trust X, Y, Z and want to share only a subset of data or respond with data retrieved from a particular query.
  • The Provider might want to share different subsets to X, Y, Z.
  • The above grant of access may also need revoking or update or expiration.

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The Information Protection and Secure Data Sharing Tool Architecture
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